This OPEN World Adventure RPG Looks Extremely Ambitious

This OPEN World Adventure RPG Looks Extremely Ambitious

We are certainly in an era that could arguably be described as the Golden Age of open-world action-adventure RPGs. over the last five or six years the genre has gone from only being created by the best of the best developers with the most amount of money and resources available to them, to now, a lot of mid-tier and even small developers are taking on the genre and doing interesting things with it riding on nothing but the fuel of their ambition to get them over the finish line.

Now that we have so many great open world RPGs and a handful that didn’t quite make the mark, most developers who are worth their salt and are paying attention have a pretty good idea of what elements work in the genre and what elements do not, so the blueprint is not hard to figure out for those who really want to make their own.

As a result, games like Project Ragnarok are starting to take the stage – or at least share the stage – with the Horizons of our time, and that is a very good thing for fans of the genre, as it means all of these developers will be competing with a wider array of other projects in order for us to buy their games, and that will result in better games across the board. Project Ragnarok seems to be taking this very seriously as the team behind it are certainly aiming high for their upcoming MMO RPG project.


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