Tools Up! Garden Party – Episode 2: Tunnel Vision Now Available

The Tools Up! Garden Party DLC is back with its next installment, Episode 2: Tunnel Vision. We’re moving on up through the tree house from the flowery levels of spring to 15 new sizzling summer levels where you’ll face a new extremely messy underground opponent – The Hole Mole.

In addition, Episode 2 brings new tools and mechanics to the game. One of the new tools you’ll get to work with is a pickaxe. With it you’ll be able to create winding paths in your garden and artsy sculptures.

Tools Up! Garden Party - Episode 2: Tunnel Vision

Another new tool, the rake will become your second best friend because it really speeds up the process of preparing soil for planting flowers and cacti! That’s right, this is no humdrum summer vacation!

With all that summer heat you’ll definitely be looking for a way to cool down. With the new water pipe mechanic, a cool dip is just a hop away and it really helps with transporting items (and yourself) faster and more efficiently, around the map.

Tools Up! Garden Party - Episode 2: Tunnel Vision

Not so cool and relaxing, the lava ponds look dangerous, but now, objects can be bounced off them like a springboard. What a great way to toss tools to your friends, right? Just be careful not to burn your pants!

Everything’s not sunshine and flowers for the Hole Mole though. This grumpy underground dweller will try to spoil your summer fun by digging burrows all over the gardens costing you valuable time. Here’s a tip: cover up his holes and he’ll get offended and leave you alone for a moment. But keep an eye out, you never know where he’ll pop up next!

Tools Up! Garden Party - Episode 2: Tunnel Vision

The new summer world of Tools Up! Garden Party is waiting for you, and lots of other new mechanics and tools are waiting for you to discover. And don’t forget, some tasks can be completed in more than one way. Try to find them all! Get gardening renovators!

Tools Up! Garden Party – Episode 2: Tunnel Vision

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Tools Up! Garden Party consists of 3 separate episodes that are all available as a Season Pass.

Tools Up! Garden Party is back with a summer sizzle in Episode 2: Tunnel Vision! There’s no time for relaxation though, more gardens need some major TLC. Get your sunscreen because things are gonna get hot!

The challenge continues with a new, underground opponent who wants to mess up your work. With the Hole Mole popping up all over your garden, you’ll really have to watch your step!

With new challenges come new mechanics to make your job easier. Now you can speed things up by transporting items (and yourself) through water pipes and bounce tools off of lava pools! Will the extra time help you beat the clock?

There are new mechanics and tools waiting for you to discover—dive into 15 new, summer levels solo or with up to 3 friends and get gardening!

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