Trails of Cold Steel Dev Falcom Has ‘Special Announcements’ Planned for 40th Anniversary Concert Next Week

Falcom Event June 2024

Nihon Falcom, the company behind the Trails franchise — with the Trails of Cold Steel games being the most well known here in the West — and Ys, will be celebrating 40 years of development with a special concert. Said concert will be livestreamed next week, on the 24th June.

Normally we wouldn’t pay too much attention to Japan-based events like this, but this particular show is being promoted in English, in partnership with New Game+ Expo. This suggests that there might be something for Western fans to look out for.

Just to be clear, we wouldn’t get your hopes up for anything huge — these “special announcements” could be anything. That said, Trails fans have been waiting on localisation news for a number of games that are already available in Japan. Most notably, Hajimari no Kiseki — essentially an all-star follow-up to Trails of Cold Steel IV — and the PS4 remasters of both Zero no Kiseki and Ao no Kiseki. The last two are regarded by many as the best games in the entire franchise, so it’d be nice to see them finally be released overseas in an official capacity.

There’s also Kuro no Kiseki, perhaps better known as Trails in the Dark, or Trails of Dark/Shadow — the latest Trails title that’s currently in development. It comes out in Japan this September, but there’s been no word on localisation.

If anything relevant does occur during this event, we’ll be sure to write about it. In the meantime, let us know which Trails games you’d love to hear about in the comments section below.

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