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Call of Duty: Warzone got a new LMG this week – and already its developer has promised a nerf.

The MG 82, added to the game as a tier 15 unlock from the Season 4 battle pass on Thursday, was soon found to shred enemies extremely quickly – at a time when developer Raven wants to increase Warzone’s ‘time-to-kill’.

One of the other issues with the gun is it is available out in the field as ground loot. This means players have early access to an extremely strong gun, simply from looting. Sometimes you’ll pick up the MG 82 with decent attachments, too.

The MG 82 is a tier 15 unlock from the free battle pass.

Just a day after the MG 82 went live, Raven announced a nerf is incoming soon.

“The MG 82 (BOCW) made one too many trips to the Pack-a-Punch machine before deploying to Verdansk,” Raven tweeted.

“Element 115 is off limits in #Warzone so we will be making an adjustment to this Weapon soon.”

The integration of Black Ops Cold War’s various weapons, items and other abilities into Infinity Ward’s and now Raven’s Warzone has caused issues ever since Treyarch’s shooter came out, and the MG 82 is yet another example. There have been a number of occasions when new weapons added to the game with the launch of a new season have had to be nerfed, and, generally, Black Ops Cold War weapons are considered more powerful than Modern Warfare weapons.

Season 4 hasn’t gone particularly smoothly for Warzone, either. On the same day the new season launched, Raven was forced to pull the new armoured Big Bertha vehicle from the game because players used it as part of an exploit to become invisible. It has yet to return.


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