Weird PS5 Game Abandoned Delays Trailer App to Friday

Abandoned PS5

The bizarre saga surrounding PlayStation 5 game Abandoned has taken yet another turn in the past 24 hours as Blue Box Game Studios delays the trailer app associated with the title until Friday. It was originally scheduled to go live on the PS Store tomorrow. This is because of localisation issues, the Dutch developer claims. A tweet confirming the news also said: “The app will kick off with an introduction to get you introduced with it’s purpose and how to use the app.”

In response to questioning on the social media platform, the mysterious Twitter account then explains the PS5 app will house “all trailers and gameplay reveals. Each of them will be available in de app once they are individually available. I can confirm that this summer some of them will be available.” So there’s no guarantee we will actually see anything new from the game at the end of this week. The strange application is simply designed to be the one-stop shop for all things Abandoned.

The next important detail is that the game’s supposedly isn’t really a PS5 exclusive at all, with the same Twitter profile stating it will launch on PC “eventually”. And finally, after numerous messages were sent to his personal PSN account, studio “boss” Hasan Kahraman responded to one request for information with a voice note. He said: “No, the teaser we didn’t have a lot of time so Sony wanted something real quick. So we had to show something and that was not the game at all. So the game will be different.”

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