Wholesome Ghost of Tsushima Reaction Video Goes Viral

You all remember the moment: Ghost of Tsushima’s title card is iconic. But one streamer’s reaction to the opening has gone viral almost a year after release: LordBalvin’s bobbing head and tearful eyes perhaps speak for all of us – there’s no question Sucker Punch knocked this one out of the park. We’ve included the video below, although please be aware there is some excited cursing towards the latter moments of the clip.

We may get to experience a similar moment soon, as there are rumours that a standalone spin-off is in production and slated for release soon. Ghost of Ikishima, as it’s apparently called, will pick up where its PlayStation 4 predecessor left off – assuming the story is accurate, you can sign us up on launch day for that. We’re guessing, based on this clip alone, LordBalvin won’t be too far behind.

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