Wild West Dynasty Making-Of Featurette Released

Featuring a mix of RPG, life simulation and town building, see how the world of Toplitz Productions and Virtual Magic Games’ Wild West Dynasty was created with the latest trailer for the game.

To create this sandbox survival adventure, the studio mapped out each of its biomes with modelling blocks. The next phase involved scanning it, smoothing out rough edges, and making the scale feel right in 3D. The landscape itself was then 3D printed, layered over with modelling clay across each crag, mesa and boulder. Finally, the digital art team textured the landscape, filling in the gaps and adding organic lighting.

Learn more with the trailer below:

Wild West Dynasty – Official Trailer | Summer of Gaming 2024

This title takes players on a journey, starting out as a lonesome cowboy and eventually becoming the town mayor. Hundreds of different missions have been included in its Story Mode, and a detailed skill development tree has been included.

The game will come out for the PC via Steam in 2024 – in the meantime, you can wishlist the game here.

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