5 Best Changes In Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade On PS5

I’ll just say it: Performance Mode is better than Graphics Mode. While the narrative is timeless and seeing beloved characters like Tifa and Sephiroth in 4K is always a treat, Final Fantasy VII Remake’s crown jewel is the combat system. With Performance Mode activated, these fighting sequences come to life in 60 FPS. I can’t promise that you’re sure to complete all of Chadley’s virtual boss fights, but watching the battlefield come to life with fluid controls helps amplify the RPG’s already definitive real-time action. 

Moreover, the fast loading times on PlayStation 5 are impressive. Loading into any given chapter takes no time at all. While this is specific to the game as a whole rather than attached to the Performance Mode setting, I can’t stress it enough: there’s just no better way to play Final Fantasy VII than on a next-gen console. 

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