Abandoned Trailers App Can Be Pre-Loaded from 29th July on PS5, First Trailer Drops in August

Abandoned PS5 PlayStation 5

The Abandoned saga continues. After a string of bizarre rumours, delays, and clarifications, developer Blue Box Game Studios has found itself in a strange predicament: theories are running wild it’s all a cover-up for a Silent Hill project helmed by Hideo Kojima, but the team insists this isn’t the case. Meanwhile, a PlayStation 5 app, which will allow you to run trailers for this mysterious game in-engine in real time, has been pushed back, leading to more speculation. Hopefully, with this new date in place, things will finally be cleared up.

Yes, the Abandoned Trailers App now has a release date. Blue Box has announced on Twitter that you’ll be able to pre-load the application on PS5 starting from 29th July. Following this, an introduction will be added on 10th August, and the first proper trailer will arrive later that month.

At this point, we’re not holding our breath for the app to show up on time, but we’re certainly as curious as anyone else to see it for ourselves. We’ll just have to play the waiting game, and see what happens in the coming weeks. Are you looking forward to checking out the Abandoned Trailers App? Keep a level head in the comments section below.

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