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Introducing #ASTROUnboxed, a new series where we share #ASTROFamily favorite collectibles. You will see everything from shoes, clothes, figures, consoles, instruments, and so much more!

Our first highlight is Matthew K. Heafy. Music is a huge part of his life. As guitarist and lead vocalist in Trivium, the found a place in Matt’s heart.

“I am an otaku and collector in all things I love. Whether guitars, gear, band T-shirts, shoes, vinyl, [or] comics, I’ve been collecting for as long as I can remember. I’ve always just gone with my gut on things that speak to me, and when I feel that pull towards something that I love, I have to have it. Meet the latest addition to the squad: a Gibson Custom Vintage Original Specs 1959 Les Paul. This is a perfect replica of the same Les Paul that the greats all played. This thing is a monster.”

And what’s that we spy among Matt’s prized guitar collection? Could that be a pair of our all-new ASTRO A40 Ear Tags? You bet it is.

Stay tuned for more from our #ASTROUnboxed series, where we’ll be bringing you a variety of interactions from members of the ASTRO community and more.

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