Biomutant Guide – How to Quickly Earn XP and Level up


Earning experience points (XP) in Biomutant is fairly straightforward. Defeating enemies and completing side quests will provide XP though the most can be gained from the main quests. This means going forth and liberating the Tree of Life’s roots from the World Eaters. If you want to gain a level advantage and then work your way through the other side content, this is the quickest way.

Of course, simply exploring the world offers numerous ways to earn XP. There are several challenging foes/bosses wandering in the open that can provide substantial rewards. Oftentimes, they’re the key to locating better gear or caches with Bio Points. So overall, don’t be afraid to explore and if you ever find yourself at a disadvantage, progress the main quest a bit for some much-needed boosts.

Leveling up quickly can provide some much needed stat boosts, which helps in wielding some of the best weapons in the game. Find out which are the best melee and ranged weapons here. For more details on Biomutant, check out our official review here.

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