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Get Used to The New Controls

Clap Hanz Golf tips - winning

So, when I say that you may want to familiarize yourself with the “new” controls, I am telling this to you if you are used to Everybody’s Golf’ signature three-click swing system. This is also aimed at you if you’re pretty new to golf games on mobile.

In Clap Hanz Golf, the three-click swing system isn’t here. This is a rare thing as that has been a staple in the franchise for years. But, for this version, you’ll need to slide your finger down on your screen and slide up in order to swing. If you’ve played something like Golden Tee Mobile, then this should be a piece of cake for you.

The series has always been pretty forgiving, so you should be able to master this control pretty easily. Plus, it’s fun to utilize this way. It’s one that has become a common occurrence for mobile games such as the aforementioned GT Mobile. Just remember: slide down for power, and up for accuracy.

Pay Attention to Character Strengths

Clap Hanz Golf is all about the characters. The same goes for many of the classic Everybody’s Golf games in the past. It’s especially important here because this is a team-based game, so you’ll be utilizing multiple characters and it’s a good idea to know what their strengths are.

So, when you unlock more characters, you’ll know which ones to draft to your squad. Some players are good with power while others may be great at something such as hitting out of the rough. A player with the latter strength can come in handy if you’re playing on a tough course where it’s tricky to find the fairway.

So, it’s critical to just keep these things in mind as you go. This can be really beneficial to your team’s success. And that’s what makes the game interesting, is that, since it’s team-based, it makes you think more about how you want to put things together.

Look at The Length of Each Hole

This is essentially correlated with what characters you choose in Clap Hanz Golf. Each round you play is only going to be three holes long. This is certainly nice as it won’t take long to get through tournaments and matches with bosses.

That said, pay attention to what par each hole is. If one hole is a par 5 for example, you may want to assign your best power hitter for that hole. If the next hole after is a par 3, then you want someone with a bit more accuracy and control.

The course plays a major strategic role in golf, and with the character selection, it’s all about playing your cards right. You can still do well with any player on any hole, but just remember that you can use certain players who can feed off each unique hole based on their strengths.

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