Cooler Master wants to charge you $2,000 for a vibrating gaming chair

The criteria for the best gaming chair includes top ergonomics, a stylish design, and maybe even some built-in RGB lighting, but haptic feedback doesn’t come across many people’s minds. Beating Razer’s Project Brooklyn concept to the punch, Cooler Master has teamed up with haptic feedback system manufacturer D-Box to create what could be just what you need to add that extra touch of immersion to your setup, with the Motion 1 chair.

The sneak peek photo from Cooler Master hides much of its design, but it looks like any other seat. That is until you come down to the base, where you’ll find a large box housing the haptic feedback technology. Unlike other extravagant hardware products, it looks like you’ll actually be able to use this feature out of the box. D-Box already supports over 200 titles, including some of the best PC games like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Forza Horizon 4. You’ll benefit when kicking back to watch something, too, with over 2,000 movies and TV shows making use of the technology.

MSRPs of the seat will vary between $1,999.99 and $2,999.99. That’s over five times more expensive than our favourite chair, the Secretlab Omega, and still more costly than even the best gaming PC if you don’t factor in the great graphics card shortage of 2024/21.

We’ll have to wait and see what Cooler Master offers between those different prices, as it’s not given any details yet. We’d hope there’s at least a little bit of RGB lighting, at these eye-watering numbers…

Keep your eyes peeled for more information in the coming months as Cooler Master starts accepting pre-orders in Q4 before a release in the first few months of 2024.

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