Fighting Game Glossary is an elegant guide to fighting game terminology

There’s now a way for everyone outside the FGC to understand just what the hell fighting game players are talking about.

Fighting game players have, over decades, came up with and maintained a growing set of terms that evolved into its own lingo. Overtime, they became just one part of why those games can seem impenetrable to casual players.

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This terminology is no different from what you might hear watching any modern sport, but because of fighting games’ status as a relatively niche genre, most people likely don’t use, or understand those terms, even when playing fighting games themselves. It can even make following fighting game commentary hard.

But there is a solution, one that took FGC community creator Infil over nine months of work, and one that I can’t believe is only now being made. That solution is The Fighting Game Glossary, an interactive wiki designed to clearly break down every fighting game term you could imagine.

The site not only encompasses common, game-agnostic terms such as Footsies, Zoning or Wakeup it even extends to sayings associated with specific games, such as Jailing for NetherRealm games.

More impressive, you’ll find detailed explanations of regional, even more niche terms, like Tekken’s Korean Backdash, or the Chicago Punish.

But perhaps The Fighting Game Glossary’s most notable feature is that it also shows a video demonstrating the move/tactic, which accompanies many of those terms. There are over 650 of those, all of which are tagged, meaning you can use one as a jumping off point into others, without losing your spot. You can filter by game, too, if you’re looking for something specific.

All of this is entirely free for the community, though you should consider donating to support Infil if you feel The Fighting Game Glossary has helped you.




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