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Square Enix has rebranded the mobile versions of Final Fantasy III and IV as 3D remakes. This has occurred on both iOS and Android stores.

The change was caught by Shaun Musgrave from TouchArcade, who posted about it on his Twitter account.

Final Fantasy III and IV were previously remade using 3D graphics for mobile platforms, where they were simply called “Final Fantasy III” and “Final Fantasy IV” respectively, so the name change that distinguishes them as 3D remakes seems like an odd thing to change.

If this was done just make it clear these are not the original games, it’s worth noting that the original version of Final Fantasy III never actually saw a release outside of Japan and wasn’t even translated to English until the remake.

So perhaps we might be able to expect an announcement to come during E3 that sees the original 2D versions of these games come to mobile in the near future, with a brand-new English translation for Final Fantasy III arriving too.

On the other hand, maybe we’re reading into it too much and this could just be a way to let players who are not in-the-know be aware of which version of the games they’re playing.

Still, Square Enix has been making a big focus on its mobile Final Fantasy titles recently, having announced two based on Final Fantasy VII due for release later this year and in 2024.

The Square Enix press conference for E3 2024 is due to take place on Sunday, 13th June at 8:15PM UK time.

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