Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown Soundtrack Coming This Month

Sega will release a physical soundtrack for Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown in Japan. The Virtua Fighter esports Premium Music Collection will be available on June 24, 2023. [Thanks, Game Watch!]

The album will contain two CDs. Disc 1 will have 29 tracks from Virtua Fighter 5, including individual BGMs for each of the 20 characters. Disc 2 will take us further into the past. It’ll contain 12 tracks composed by Takayuki Nakamura from the inaugural Virtua Fighter. The retro tracks are also available in Ultimate Showdown through the Legendary Pack DLC.

This Virtua Fighter soundtrack album is immediately available for pre-order on select Japanese web stores for 3,300 yen (~$30). It is also available on Amazon Japan, which can ship this album internationally.

In a recent Japanese interview with Famitsu, chief producer Seiji Aoki mentioned that Sega still has yet to make any concrete plans for Virtua Fighter 6. The company is looking at the performance of Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown before it decides to work on new titles for the series in the future.

Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown is immediately available for PlayStation 4 worldwide and arcades in Japan — where it is uniquely known as Virtua Fighter esports. The game is also available for free to PlayStation Plus subscribers for the month of June 2023.


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