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Wouldn’t it be great if you grabbed a legendary fish along with some free Fishing Clash Gift codes before you went fishing? Wouldn’t it also be nice to claim a few that might give you some rare in-game items? If that’s the case, then we have got you covered with our frequently updated and working list of gift codes, ready for you to redeem.

Fishing Clash is a simulation title by Ten Square Games where you go around fishing and your aim is to catch the biggest fish in the lake. The scores determined by the size of the fish you catch and to make it interesting, invite a friend and go on a 1v1.

Today, we have put out a list of both active Fishing Clash Gift codes and expired ones that can be claimed in-game. To make this process easier, we have also written the process to redeem them stepwise. Now, let us take a look at it.

What are Fishing Clash Gift codes?

These are the codes that are sent out by the official developers, containing gift items. After successfully redeeming one of them, players can get items like pearls, coins, special packs etc.

How to redeem Fishing Clash Gift codes step by step

  • Simply log into your game and locate the menu button on the top right corner of the screen.
  • Tap on the Gift Codes option
  • A box will pop up immediately, asking for the code
  • Copy one of the codes from the list below and paste it there.
  • Just press the button and the code is redeemed successfully.

Fishing Clash active gift codes

Some of the gift codes won’t work if you are an older player or if you are above a certain level, so feel free to check them all out. Hopefully, most of them will work for you!

Today’s (June 16th) Fishing Clash gift code – pikepike

  • sukunda -1x Power up Pack
  • Sun – Kenai Event rewards
  • ibelieveicanflyyyy -1x Gold Fortune Pack
  • 1875 – 1x Pack of Lures for the Deep SEA and 1x Power up Pack
  • thankyoumum -100  Pearls


Some of these might still be working, so feel free to check! 

  • SHALLOW – x50 Pearls
  • ghabeifg – Fortune Gold Pack with Lures
  • djdhabhd – 10k coins
  • FROST – 5,000 Coins and Booster Pack
  • HB3ZYW – 10k coins
  • gnmte – 25 Buffs
  • poppydots – x100 Pearls
  • eve – Kenai 3-Star Rod Package
  • FCXmas20 – Fortune Gold Pack with Lures
  • LHASA – +100% luck (x25)
  • sunken – 50 pearls
  • Phillips – in-game items (weight, speed, luck)
  • xylophone – high level gold coin box with fish cards
  • tvusa – black pack of complementary foods
  • ifnewlgtn – gold box with bonuses
  • Kaapstad –  catch fish (x25)
  • taras – 25k coins
  • otto – golden pack of baits
  • Ydmcvbaew – 100 pearls
  • Rumburak – Increase Speed, Luck and Crit Chance
  • fopbnexzr75 – Fortune Gold Package with Bonuses
  • kohaku – Golden Fortune Pack with Decoys
  • 3years – 1 Legendary pack with random decoys
  • bluecheer – 50 pearls
  • honolulu – 10k coins
  • sxfarvsi – bronze tackle box with maps
  • zyzz – 50 pearls
  • dorsz – 25,000 coins
  • Yarborough – 25,000 coins
  • EatEot – 50 pearls
  • AUTUMN20 – 25k coins
  • colorado – 100 pearls

Where to find more codes?

As always, you are welcome to visit our page as we always keep updating it with new and active gift codes. You can also trawl through the Twitter account called Fishing Clash Gift Codes where the new codes are added timely. The official Reddit page can also release some of them, but you can just bookmark us and you’ll know whenever we post a new one.

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