Fortnite aliens: how to get alien weapons and fly UFOs

Want to know where to find the Fortnite alien weapons? There have been plenty of big changes to Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7, but one of the most prominent additions to the battle royale game are the UFOs floating around certain parts of the map. They can pull you in with their tractor beam, blast you with their weapons, or even ram you with their boost ability.

Thankfully, we can use this alien technology for ourselves – you can pinch a UFOs and take it for a ride, or get yourself one of the four new Fortnite alien weapons? They’re known in-game as IO weapons, as it’s likely that the IO agents and aliens have conspired to create this new tech. While they can be found in chests, they’re more reliably found at higher rarities on the bodies of either IO agents or on aliens that you have shot down.

So we’ll be going over where you can find these Fortnite alien weapons, what they can do, and how to pilot your very own UFO efficiently to give any enemy player you spot a close encounter with your very own vehicle of the extraterrestrial kind.

How to get Fortnite alien weapons

There are three ways to get your hands on the four Fortnite alien weapons:

  • Opening any chest. They have a low chance to drop, however.
  • Eliminating IO agents. They’re found in any of the new bases scattered around the map. Look for the big glowing satellite dishes.
  • Eliminating any of the aliens after shooting down their spaceship. Head to an area with purple glowing letters to encounter them.

Lara Croft holding onto a Pulse Rifle, one of the four Fortnite alien weapons.

What are the Fortnite alien weapons?

These new Fortnite guns are extremely powerful when used correctly. There are four in total and each one does something unique.

  • Recon Scanner – pings any enemy player, chest, and ammo crate within its radius. It fires like a grenade launcher round, and each charge lasts around 15 seconds once the charge is fired. The ammo automatically recharges
  • Rail Gun – hold down the aim button to charge and fire this long-range rifle. It can be tricky to aim well with, but it shoots through walls
  • Pulse Rifle – fires lasers with precision. It acts most like an infantry rifle but with a slightly lower reload time. You can also find a unique variant by eliminating Doctor Slone – one of the Fortnite NPCs for Chapter 2 Season 7
  • Kymera Ray Gun – a short-medium range pistol that hits rapidly. The hits do little damage and they can overheat if the gauge reaches the maximum level. It makes short work of enemy structures

Lara is piloting one of the UFOs, a brand new Fortnite vehicle armed with alien weapons. It's smoking.

How to use the Fortnite UFO

Once you’ve shot down and slain the alien inside, you can run up to the UFO once it’s healed with its regenerative shields and hop in for a spin. Here’s how to pilot the Fortnite UFO using keyboard and mouse:

  • WSAD keys – move the UFO
  • Mouse move – look around
  • Space – ascend to the skies
  • R – descend down to earth
  • Hold E – exit the vehicle. Not recommended while high up
  • Left mouse button – fires a slow-moving charge shot. Cannot fire if the traction beam is on
  • Right mouse button – press to activate the traction beam. Anything in its light for a few seconds will be picked up. Press the button again to deactivate
  • Shift – boost a short distance. A maximum of three boost charges can be stored at once, and they regenerate over time

And that’s everything you need to know about Fortnite alien weapons and how to pilot the UFO. While you’re here, you may be interested to learn more about the Fortnite alien artifacts scattered throughout the map that can be used to purchase Fortnite Kymera styles.

In the meantime, you may also wish to know where the Fortnite rubber ducks are located, or any of the changes to the Fortnite crafting system and the animals you can find on the map.

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