Game Builder Garage makes game-making fun in latest deep dive video

Nintendo has released a new video for upcoming game-making playground Game Builder Garage, taking a deeper dive into how it intends to make developing your own games fun and accessible.

The video details the use of Nodons, which basically make up the building blocks of your game. You’ll be able to use them in a variety of ways using the software’s powerful visual editor, changing their size, position and other aspects in order to affect what they do. And if it seems a bit daunting, the game will also include interactive lessons that will help you create one of seven complete games from scratch. 

From this, you can then take what you’ve learned to make your own creations in the game’s Free Programming mode, which will also allow you to create your own assets such as art, sprites and even music. Your creations can then be shared either locally with another Nintendo Switch console wirelessly, or using a Game ID to share your games with other players all over the world.

Check out the trailer for yourself below. Game Builder Garage is scheduled to launch exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on June 11, 2024. – All Updates

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