Get Civilization 6 and every expansion and DLC ever released for just $50

Civilization 6 is brilliant—the best Civ game ever, in our estimation—but if you haven’t made a move on it yet because you’re waiting to see what happens with all the expansions and DLCs, it may finally be your time. 2K Games has put it all together in a big package called the Civilization 6 Anthology, and made the whole thing available for just $50.

That may sound a little steep for a game that’s nearly five years old, but remember that Civilization 6 itself still goes for a healthy $60/£50/€60 at regular price on Steam. And you’ll get a lot more than just that—here’s the full list of what’s included:

  • Civilization 6 (of course)   
  • Civilization 6: Rise and Fall   
  • Civilization 6: Gathering Storm   
  • Civilization 6: New Frontier Pass (Maya and Gran Colombia Pack, Ethiopia Pack, Byzantium and Gaul Pack, Babylon Pack, Vietnam and Kublai Khan Pack, and Portugal Pack)   
  • Vikings Scenario Pack   
  • Poland Civilization and Scenario Pack   
  • Australia Civilization and Scenario Pack   
  • Persia and Macedonia Civilization and Scenario Pack   
  • Nubia Civilization and Scenario Pack
  • Khmer and Indonesia Civilization and Scenario Pack

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