Hideaki Anno Is Not Remaking A Famous Anime, Says Studio

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Recently, an article on a Japanese news site claimed that Evangelion creator Hideaki Anno was doing “a new version” of an anime that “everyone knows” in Japan. The article added that the original iconic anime was directed by someone else, and the information claimed to be from a studio staffer. Speculation ran wild.

Online, people wondered if Anno was remaking Nausicaä (Shin Nausicaä?) or something else from Studio Ghibli. Others wondered if he was doing something like Sazae-san (Shin Sazae-san?) or Crayon Shin-chan (Shin Crayon Shin-chan?). Whatever could it be?

Anno’s studio, Studio Khara, issued a statement denying the rumor flat out, writing that “it is not true.” Moreover, the studio added that no one connected to Khara was officially interviewed for the article. (The studio’s Twitter account added that Anno is not even currently planning to direct any anime at the moment.)

Rumor aside, considering how Anno just released Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time (and how long that took to finish!), plus he’s currently working on Shin Kamen Rider, the timing for such an anime rumor sure seems sudden, no? 


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