Horizon Chase Turbo Teases A Brand New Expansion

Horizon Chase Turbo

The arcade racer Horizon Chase Turbo – drawing inspiration from classics like Top Gear – has teased a brand new expansion – with epic races – “coming fast” to all platforms including the Nintendo Switch.

The brief clip, which is just under 30 seconds, shows what appears to be the rear of an F1 speeding around a track (perhaps it’s Monaco?). Again, whatever is on the way, it sounds like it’ll be showing up very soon.

Brazillian-based developer Aquiris has been incredibly generous when it comes to free content updates for Horizon Chase Turbo. Since the game launched in 2018, it’s released a variety of content. Most recently, it got a Brazil update in May – adding two new tracks, and a new car with six skins.

What would you like to see from this upcoming expansion? Tell us down below. And if you’ve not yet played the game – check out our review, we gave this game nine out of ten stars.

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