How To Unlock All Characters In Roguebook

How To Unlock All Characters In Roguebook
Roguebook has four unique and exciting heroes you can unlock and use. This guide on How To Unlock All Characters In Roguebook will tell you everything you need to do in order to unlock Seifer and Aurora so you have all four characters to explore the pages of the book.

At the beginning of Roguebook, you start with two characters unlocked at the very start. One of which is heavily focused on dealing damage and attacking, the other predominantly works on defensive abilities and keeping your team alive. The next two characters that you unlock are more complex but also far more rewarding, with more exciting combinations, more potential, and more depth.

How To Unlock All Characters In Roguebook

How To Unlock Seifer, Blood Tyrant
Seifer is easily my favorite character in the game and one of my favorites in the genre. He has a unique combination of skills that allows him to focus on both offensive and defensive abilities. He utilizes a rage mechanic where rage builds up for each damage he takes. Once he reaches max rage level he transforms and his next special class card has additional effects. He can self heal by defeating enemies, sacrifice HP for additional damage, he’s a lot of fun. If you want to unlock Seifer you need to defeat the boss at the end of Chapter One

Aurora Mythmaker
How To Unlock All Characters In Roguebook
Unlocking Aurora is slightly more complicated as there’s a random element involved. I was on Chapter 2 of the Epilogue, after you’ve completed the game twice and have a new modifier unlocked, but I think he is available to unlock earlier. When you are exploring the map, look for the scroll icons. These are special story events that appear on the map. They usually give you a choice in exchange for an item but, and this is a random chance, one will make Aurora spawn on the map.

He will ask you to find his teacup. The teacup is a special artifact that is usually visible on the map if it’s available to collect. I’m not entirely certain but I would assume that any map that features the teacup also has Aurora, if you can find him. Grab the teacup and then interact with Aurora. Give her the teacup and she will be available for all future runs.

That’s how you unlock all characters in Roguebook.


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