I Forgot Mass Effect 1 Ends With An Electronic Rock Song

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The original Mass Effect tells a story of a small group of aliens and humans working together against the odds to stop a deadly, super-powerful mega-robot from beginning the process that will lead to all life being destroyed. Epic stuff. Yet the final song you hear, played during the credits, is an odd electric-rock song that almost sounds like a ringtone at times.

Last week, among all the E3 news and work, I was able to find a few hours to play some video games. And I was able to play some Mass Effect Legendary Edition and beat the original game for the first time since…well when it released back in 2007. It was great, I had a good time. Also, I had forgotten the final song that plays while the credits roll. Maybe you have to? It’s not what I expected!

Let’s give it a listen, shall we:

The final parts of Mass Effect are filled with big fights, tense dialogue, and some big decisions. Like I said, epic space opera stuff. As it wrapped up I felt pumped to play Mass Effect 2, riding off the high of saving the galaxy. Then this started playing and well, no offense to the folks who made it, but I laughed.

One reason I giggled was the track, “M4 Part II” by Faunts, sounds a lot like an old Verizon ringtone I had on one of my past cellphones. Compare the above song to this video below:

I’m not imagining how similar they sound, right?

The other reason I laughed was because after all I had been through I expected some big, epic orchestral piece, maybe featuring the classic sci-fi trope of eerie choir singing. Or a more muted, reflective song made up of only a piano and a few other instruments in the back. Instead, I got a song that, by itself is totally solid. But as the ending theme to Mass Effect feels out of place.

It feels so out of place that I’m shocked I didn’t remember it all these years later. I spoke to some other Mass Effect fans I know who have played the game much more than me over the years and found out that this was indeed the song that ended the game back in 2007. This isn’t a change made in the newly released Mass Effect: Legendary Edition.

It’s all a bit strange, but it’s also more enjoyable and memorable than some random piano popping off in the background of credits most folks skip anyway. Mass Effect has always been a little quirky and goofy compared to other, more serious sci-fi universes.

So perhaps that was the point in choosing this song. BioWare wanted to do something different. If that was the goal: Mission accomplished.

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