It’s time for the Master Chief to die

For a guy that averages only a few words per game, the Halo series has somehow managed to make the Master Chief a surprisingly sympathetic character. Maybe it’s because I read the books when I was a teenager, so I’m painfully aware of how John 117 was kidnapped as a child and forced into military slavery where he was tortured and transformed into a human superweapon, but I feel for the guy—especially in Halo’s original trilogy.

His entire life has been spent saving humanity’s ass from insurrectionists, aliens, scarier aliens, and ancient aliens (that are still pretty scary). And if the story of Halo 5 and Infinite is as connected as it looks to be, now Master Chief has to save the galaxy from his AI partner-slash-girlfriend, Cortana. There’s tragic irony in the reality that Master Chief’s closest ally is now his enemy. But now that this story has been stretched over six games, it’s getting harder to care. That’s why I’m hoping that Microsoft and 343 Industries do the right thing and kill the Master Chief in Halo Infinite.


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Oh Chief, my Chief 

Stories need an end, and when characters are continually thrown into new adventures without any emotional growth they start to feel cartoonish and one dimensional.

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