Kotobukiya Shares Pics of Trails of Cold Steel’s Rean Schwarzer Prototype

Kotobukiya has provided an updated look at the progress of its Rean Schwarzer scale figure. The unpainted prototype depicts one of the main characters from The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel series. The manufacturer has not yet revealed a price or release window for the model. [Thanks, Dengeki!]

Nihon Falcom’s Ashen Chevalier will be made entirely of PVC and will come fully painted when complete. The Kotobukiya figure will stand at approximately 214mm tall, making that 1/8 the scale of Rean Schwarzer’s height. The manufacturer appears to be modeling the character after his Trails of Cold Steel III look, despite there being a more recent incarnation of him in Trails of Cold Steel IV.

In addition to Rean, Kotobukiya is making an Altina figure. Her model is further along in production, with fully painted photos available. Preorders opened in June 2024.

The Legend of Heroes series continues to gain popularity worldwide. In related news, Clouded Leopard Entertainment shared footage of the upcoming Nintendo Switch versions of Trails of Cold Steel Kai I and II for Asian territories. However, the publisher currently does not have plans to release those titles in English.

The Kotobukiya Rean Schwarzer figure is still in pre-production in the prototype phase. The manufacturer asked fans to look forward to future updates.


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