Let’s Build a Zoo is basically immoral Planet Zoo, and the beta starts this week

Let’s Build a Zoo has had our eye for some time – a zoo management game that takes the concepts of Planet Zoo and reimagines them through the lens of Bullfrog classics like Theme Park, complete with the grim sense of humour. We’ll soon find out if it can live up to the strength of its own concept, as a beta is set to begin this week.

The Let’s Build a Zoo beta starts on May 28, and you can sign up for a key here. While you’ll need a key to get in, there are no limitations on them – sign up before the beta starts and you’re guaranteed access. Feel free to post your DNA-spliced animal horrors on Twitter, too, as there’s no embargo on the beta.

The beta will let you check out the first two in-game weeks, with a variety of animals and items to play around with, and a brief chance to dive into animal splicing. Have fun making your crocoducks, owlybaras, chickakas, and what have you.

You can take a look at what to expect from Let’s Build a Zoo in the video below.

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For more building games, you can follow that link.

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