Mecha Combat RPG Wolfstride Action Trailer Released

Get behind the controls of a legendary mecha with the latest action trailer for OTA IMON Studios and Raw Fury’s Wolfstride.

This RPG tells the story of three former partners that inherit the legendary mecha COWBOY. With this new machine in hand, they reunite and take part in the popular Giant Mecha Battle world championships.
Each member provides a unique experience, which can be used to get an edge in its turn-based combat. Along the way, players will be able to repair and upgrade COWBOY between matches, and can also take on odd jobs to get more cash.

Learn more with the trailer below:

Wolfstride Action Trailer | Play the Demo during Steam Next Fest

All those interested can wishlist the game here and download the demo on June 16. The demo will feature two replayable matchups and provide the chance to upgrade your mecha between each battle.

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