Minecraft Dungeons celebrates 11.5 million players in its first year

Mojang Studios is celebrating a full year since dungeon-crawling spin-off Minecraft Dungeons launched, offering up a bunch of statistics and milestones players of the game have managed to hit in its first year.

Perhaps the most chiefly impressive of these was the fact that the adventure has seen over 11.5 million unique players from 232 countries and territories explore its blocky worlds, with a whopping 3,769,531 of those getting all the way to the game’s final boss and defeating Archie on the easiest difficulty, with a further 1,376,295 defeating him on the toughest one.

Those players used a lot of equipment to get there too, with 1,177,182,684 health potions used and 527,014,211 TNT blocks thrown and an astonishing 419,311,294,165 blocks walked in the twelve months since the game launched.

Minecraft Dungeons originally released back in May of 2023, and has been constantly expanded with both free and additional paid DLC since, including the snowy-themed Creeping Winter, the Howling Peaks and Flame of the Nether packs to name a few, with a further expansion set in The End still to come. The game is available now on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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