Moon Knight MCU Details and His Relationship With The Avengers

Last year, Marvel announced that the Moon Knight series was in the works for Disney Plus last year. But we had heard very little about it until the recent announcement which confirmed that Oscar Isaac will be playing the role of Moon Knight in the series.

This announcement signifies the arrival of more content for the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the next few years as the franchise continues to expand on streaming platforms.

Marvel’s Moon Knight is one of those characters who seem to be inspired by DC Comics’ Batman and is certainly more of a weird character.

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Marvel Studios’ Eternals | Official Teaser



Marvel Studios’ Eternals | Official Teaser





Who Is Playing The Role Of Moon Knight?

The role of Moon Knight will be player by Oscar Isaac in the upcoming series on Disney Plus.

This was confirmed in a tweet by both Marvel and Isaac with the same line — “We are Moon Knight,” which is a direct reference to the character’s complex psychology.

Moon Knight And Avengers

In the comics, Moon Knight has fought alongside the Avengers, the Defenders, and other known Marvel hero teams.

It is rumored that Marvel plans to capitalize on the success of Avengers by creating more super-team crossover movies. This includes not only Young Avengers and Dark Avengers/Thunderbolts but also a Midnight Sons movie.

The Midnight Sons will have more supernatural heroes in the MCU joining hands to face the world’s darkest and most unsettling threats.

This Midnight Sons movie will probably feature both existing and new MCU characters – including Doctor Strange, Scarlet Witch, Blade, and Moon Knight.

Moon Knight MCU Phase 4

It is already confirmed that Moon Knight will be a part of MCU Phase 4.

Back in February, Kevin Feige, the President of Marvel Studios gave a vague timeline for the production of Moon Knight.

According to his statement, it was suspected that the production would begin somewhere between the end of March and the beginning of June 2023.

If we take Marvel Studios’ latest tweet into consideration, this timeline seems about right. And Moon Knight will most likely be released after Ms. Marvel which is scheduled for a late 2023 release on Disney Plus.

Moon Knight Release Date

Currently, there’s no word on a release date, but taking the above information into consideration, we will most likely get to see the Moon Knight series on Disney Plus in the first half 2023.

Meanwhile, there are several other Marvel shows on their way soon to Disney Plus. Loki is set to premiere on June 9th and both Ms. Marvel and Hawkeye are scheduled for the later half of 2023.

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