Netflix reveals the top 10 most-watched original movies to date

Netflix is continuing its trend of revealing viewership numbers for its movies, at least when they’re big and successful. The streamer revealed that Army of the Dead is the latest addition to its new top 10 most-watched original movies list, which it released in full to Deadline.

This is the second year in a row that Netflix has released the numbers for its biggest movies, and it turns out there have been quite a few changes since we saw the list in July of last year. Among the movies that came out in the last year to make the list are The Old Guard, Enola Holmes, Project Power, and The Midnight Sky, which is tied with Army of the Dead when Zack Snyder’s zombie movie was released last week. Unfortunately, this means that The Irishman is no longer on Netflix’s sixth most watched original movie of all time. Sorry to Martin Scorsese.

Here’s the full list along with the number of viewers each movie had.

  1. Extraction (99M)
  2. Bird Box (89M)
  3. Spenser Confidential (85M)
  4. 6 Underground (83M)
  5. Murder Mystery (83M)
  6. The Old Guard (78M)
  7. Enola Holmes (76M)
  8. Project Power (75M)
  9. (tied) The Midnight Sky and Army of the Dead (72M)

Deadline doesn’t describe Netflix’s exact methodology for gathering these numbers, but since it’s pretty similar to last year’s list, it’s likely that the streaming service is still counting a “view” as anyone who watched more than two minutes of a given film.

Earlier this year, Netflix pointed to the sky to reveal a sprawling release calendar, including a giant batch of summer movies. Expect updates to this list in the future.

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