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Five years ago, Blizzard said that it had “no plans” for cross-platform play in Overwatch, warning that “mixing mouse/keyboard and controller can have balance and competitive issues.” Two years later, attitudes had shifted somewhat, and game director Jeff Kaplan said that he was “hoping for more cross-platform opportunities,” to help “bring players together”—although there was still no actual movement on that front.

Very soon, that will change. In a surprise announcement today, Blizzard said that a crossplay beta test is coming soon to Overwatch that will allow players on all platforms—PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch—to group up and play together. To take part, download the latest Battle.net update (or make an account if you don’t already have one), then go into the settings and link your console accounts through it. The update has also merged friends lists from different territories, so you’ll be able to play with people in other parts of the world without having to switch regions first. (China is excluded from this, however, and will remain its own separate region.)

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