Playdate Pre-order Details and Games Will Appear in Its June Update

Following months of silence, Panic announced a Playdate Update stream that will go over the new handheld. At 9am PT/12pm ET/6pm CET on June 8, 2024, people will be able to see the latest developments regarding the system. The company also went over what people can expect from it then and a few extra Playdate pre-order and games announcements.

First, the presentation will focus on the Playdate’s first season. Surprises were mentioned. However, the focus will be on offering details about pre-ordering the system and seeing what folks will be able to play.

As for actual information, all details also had to do with the Playdate pre-order opportunities and upcoming games. Pre-orders won’t open immediately after the showcase. However, when they do, people will need to have $179 for a system. It will have 4GB of space on it. Also, instead of there only being 12 games gradually released at a regular basis for people, people will get 24. These will be free downloads that automatically appear on your system at certain intervals.


The YouTube placeholder for the June 2024 Playdate Update is already live.

The Playdate is expected to ship in 2024. The system was announced in May 2019 and originally had a 2020 launch window.


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