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Panic has held a video showcase of the Playdate, its upcoming handheld game console, revealing some details about the games that will be launching on the console as well as dropping some pre-order details.

Many of the games in-development for the Playdate come from veteran game designers of the industry, with Keita Takahashi (Katamari), Bennett Foddy (QWOP, Getting Over It), Vertex Pop (Graceful Explosion Machine), Lucas Pope (Return of the Obra Dinn) and Xalavier Nelson Jr. (Hypnospace Outlaw) confirmed to be developing titles for the system.

There’ll also be an app on the device called Playdate Pulp, which is an easy-to-use game making tool for developers to use in an accessible way.

The system has a dock too, which the handheld console attaches to charge the battery as well as access to additional features including a music app and built-in speakers, so you can jam to a bit of Tay Tay while waiting for your console to recharge.

“There’s a lot of amazing things being created here that will hopefully add a bit of joy to your life,” said Panic’s Cabel Sasser when teasing the video showcase last week. “And while we’re launching a price a little bit higher than we planned — largely due to the massive global shortage of electronic parts right now — we took the last year to double the number of free games included in Season One.”

Panic has also revealed that pre-orders for the Playdate will go live next month. It’s priced at $179 for the console and all 24 of the Season One games.

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