PlayStation 5’s Destruction AllStars will add online bots soon

By Dom Peppiatt
30 May 2024 16:32 GMT

Destruction AllStars, the multiplayer destruction derby PS5 exclusive, is adding online bots to the game in an effort to help players that aren’t finding enough opponents in matches.

Lucid Games announced the new plans via an announcement on the game’s official Reddit page. The developer has been using Reddit to keep in touch with the game’s playerbase, and offered this new hint at future plans in a length dev blog update.

“With a community the size of Destruction AllStars, spread out across the world we do have peak times and low times of player activity for online matchmaking,” Lucid Games explained. “We want to ensure that matches are filled to capacity with as many real players as possible, but when missing X amount of players when queuing for a match, AI bots will take the remaining places.”

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The developer continues to say that fans of the game’s Blitz mode needn’t worry about AI coming in to ruin the experience: Blitz, as a competitive mode, “will never feature Bots”.

Often, when we see a game adding bots into online lobbies, it can mean that there aren’t enough players to keep a steady player pool up and running. Lucid Games suggests this isn’t necessarily the case with Destruction AllStars. Rather, “the game’s peak times are UTC 4pm-10pm on weekdays and UTC 2pm-1am on weekends” and that’s when players will often find enough players to pick up teammates and rivals.

Adding this feature so soon after launch may not look that encouraging, but at launch the developer promised that Destruction AllStars has at least a year of post-launch content planned.

Destruction Allstars was one of February’s free games on PlayStation Plus, and our own Tom Orry said the game delivers immediate thrills but severely lacks content.

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