PS5 exclusive Destruction AllStars to get online bots •

PlayStation 5 exclusive Destruction AllStars will get online bots.

In an update on the Destruction AllStars subreddit, developer Lucid outlined features due out for the action driving game. Chief among them is the addition of online bots.

Lucid acknowledged that the size of Destruction AllStars’ community, spread out as it is across the world, means the game has peak times and low times of player activity for online matchmaking. The peaks tend to be around 5pm to 11pm UK time during weekdays, and 3pm to 2am UK time on the weekend.

Bots, then, will be used to take remaining places when matchmaking is missing a certain number of players.

“We want to ensure that matches are filled to capacity with as many real players as possible, but when missing X amount of players when queuing for a match, AI bots will take the remaining places,” Lucid said.

“The exception to this is Blitz, as a competitive mode, Blitz will never feature bots.”

Meanwhile, Lucid outlined a raft of other upcoming features, including global parties (this will let you to party up with friends and queue into any solo mode as well as team modes), and a playlist feature (“we want to make selecting and matching for your favourite game modes easier”).

The developer said it’s also going to take a look at improving slams (“sometimes they just don’t feel like you slammed anything”), reducing and mitigating “ghost hits”, balancing and abilities.

Lucid said is currently does not have definitive dates for when these new features will go live, but they’re coming “further down the road”.

Destruction AllStars is currently in the middle of its first post-launch season. The game came out as a PS Plus title for February, but it’s now a premium title priced £17.99 from the PlayStation Store. You need PlayStation Plus for online play.

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