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Are you looking for some ways to try out the controllers in PUBG Mobile? As you might be aware, the game doesn’t support their usage, officially. There are still some methods you can try out to use controllers without any risk of getting banned, however. Today, we will discuss some of the ways by which you can get your hands on the game with your preferred controller.

PUBG Mobile has been on a continuous rise since its release a few years back. The game’s dedication towards its community is a key to their progress. They even receive regular feedback from the player base and constantly provide patches to fix any bugs that appear.

The only thing that players are still wishing for in PUBG Mobile is controller support. A lot of queries arose regarding the support for controllers in the near future like what are some of the best controllers and how to use them. To answer them all we have put this small guide together to help you out with all your queries.

What do they look like?

They are neither wired nor Bluetooth, but trigger attachments that you hook on your phone to use them. All you need to do is use your fingers, especially your thumb and index to move and shoot in-game. Apart from this one, there also a lot of other attachments, such as a joystick, multi-button controller, but the one we have mentioned does the job quite well.

PUBG Mobile New Era - Controller gameplay

Is there any other way to pair gaming controllers in PUBG Mobile?

There is a way around pairing your favourite controller by using a third-party app called Octopus. It’s a free app with multiple game support, so just simply download the app to your phone and read the instructions that will tell you how to connect your controller with the game you wish to play.

But do keep in mind that the app isn’t supported officially by the game and you might end up getting your account banned. As always, we don’t support any illegal ways to try out a game, so if you want to experiment with it, you can always proceed by creating a new account. This is not the same as hacking PUBG Mobile, but there is a chance using a controller will still get you banned!

Will there be any controller support in the future?

After repeated requests from the massive community of the game, there has been no response from the official developers regarding controller support. For this reason, players who prefer to play mobile shooters with controllers made their way to Call of Duty: Mobile.

After judging the current situation and the responses from the devs and publishers, the chances of getting PUBG Mobile controller support are pretty slim. Remember to keep visiting us as we will update the article if there’s an announcement that suggests otherwise.

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