Rainbow Six Quarantine Officially Renamed Extraction

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The next Rainbow Six game is no longer named Quarantine, Ubisoft announced today. Instead, the upcoming co-op shooter is now called Rainbow Six Extraction.

Rainbow Six Quarantine was first revealed during E3 2019, prior to the covid-19 pandemic. During an earnings call with investors in February 2023, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot said that the publisher was considering a name change for the game. Now, in the lead-up to its big media event Ubisoft Forward, Ubisoft has confirmed the name change and has teased more info will be revealed at the event.

Rainbow Six Extraction is a departure for the series, which has mostly been grounded in reality and featured real-world SWAT and military tactics. This time around, players will team up with two other friends and take on a mutated alien parasite that has destroyed the world, killed millions, and created nasty monsters and creatures in the process. It’s up to the Rainbow Six operatives, many of whom were featured in the last R6 game, to save the day.

Extraction started life as a sci-fi project called Pioneer. That game was heavily modified and changed into something very different than the teaser seen in Watch Dogs 2, being reworked into a Rainbow Six spin-off title. Extraction seems to be based on a limited-time mode that appeared in Rainbow Six Siege back in 2018. In that mode, Outbreak, players had to fight off waves of mutated aliens after a probe crashed in New Mexico.

Ubisoft didn’t give a release window for the newly named Rainbow Six Extraction. It will fully reveal the co-op shooter on June 12 during its Ubisoft Forward event, so maybe some sort of release date will be shared then. This event is just one of many, many events publishers and companies are holding as part of the E3 2023 season.



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