Sci-fi Soulslike Hellpoint is free for keeps in the GOG Summer Sale

When the GOG Summer Sale kicked off last week, my first thought was, “What gives? Where’s my free stuff?” There are plenty of good deals in the sale, yes, but frankly I have grown spoiled over the years and these days I don’t get out of bed unless someone’s waving a free game in my face.

Today, my question has been answered: The sci-fi Soulslike Hellpoint, the tale of a 3D-printed hero aboard a derelict space station overrun by interdimensional entities acting as puppets of malevolent Cosmic Gods (seriously, that’s what the game description says) is now free for keeps. Just head to the GOG front page, scroll down a bit, and click the “claim the game” button—you’ll also have to agree to sign up to GOG’s mailing list, but I think that’s a fair ask for free stuff.

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