Sea of Thieves’ kraken finally gets its face in new Pirates of the Caribbean crossover trailer •

Arriving alongside Captain Jack Sparrow next week.

Sea of Thieves’ next major free update is packing in one hell of a crossover, bringing the world of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean into Rare’s swashbuckling multiplayer adventure. And if the arrival of Captain Jack Sparrow wasn’t enough to be excited about, it’s also finally giving the formidable kraken a face – which makes an appearance in a brand-new trailer.

The centrepiece of Sea of Thieves’ Pirates of the Caribbean crossover – officially known as A Pirate’s Life – takes the form of a brand-new cinematic story campaign. It features five new Tall Tales episodes (the first since March 2024’s Heart of Flame), charting Jack Sparrow’s arrival in the Sea of Thieves and the events that ensue.

There are tantalising snatches of those adventures in Rare’s second crossover trailer below, including the appearance of Davy Jones and his formidable vessel the Flying Dutchman, battles against gargantuan mermaid statues, and even a portable talking skull that should stir fond memories for Monkey Island aficionados.

Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life – Gameplay Trailer.

However, Sea of Thieves’ fans might well be most excited to see – right at the end of the trailer – the beaming visage of Sea of Thieves’ formidable kraken. The creature’s lack of a face has been something of a contentious issue ever since Sea of Thieves launched back in 2018, and while we’ve known what it looked like for quite some time now, thanks to various bits of official concept art, this is its first appearance in-game.

Rare is promising all sorts of other surprises and additions – including three new non-skeleton enemy types in the shared world: the Ocean Crawlers, Phantoms, and Sirens – when the crossover arrives alongside Sea of Thieves’ third season of content next Tuesday, 22nd June.

And for those eager to learn more ahead of launch, Rare has lined up an in-depth behind-the-scenes livestream, airing on YouTube and Twitch this Sunday, 19th June, at 7pm in the UK.

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