Shin Megami Tensei V Release Date Seemingly Leaked Ahead Of Nintendo’s E3 Direct

Shin Megami Tensei V© Atlus

The Japanese website of the upcoming Switch release Shin Megami Tensei V has apparently been updated by accident.

As a result, it seems we now know the release date of this anticipated title. Persona Central reports It’s arriving later this year on 11th November. While the game has already been confirmed for a simultaneous worldwide release, the western launch could perhaps be a day or two after this due to the timezone differences.

The error is believed to have been made during the preparation of Nintendo’s E3 2024 Direct broadcast, which is taking place next week on 15th June and will run for “roughly” 40 minutes. New details about the story and gameplay have also been shared.

This isn’t the only leak that’s happened today – ahead of next week’s event, 2K’s upcoming games schedule has also supposedly been revealed. How would you feel about a November release for Shin Megami Tensei V? Leave a comment down below.

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