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When it comes to the endless runner genre on platforms, Subway Surfers has always remained massively popular among players. You might be aware of it, but there was always a question of who is a Subway Surfers creator and what inspired him.

As of now, there are multiple editions of Subway Surfers which includes North America Editions, Central America Editions, South America Editions, Europe Editions, Africa Editions, Asia Editions and Oceania Editions.

Each of the versions has unique content and the developers have done an excellent job in creating a bug-free and well-balanced game. All of the above editions are available for free on their respective app stores.

Recently, there have been a lot of search queries regarding the creator of the game and why he chose to make it. So, today, we will take some time to get to know the creator of Subway Surfers and some facts related to them.

Who created Subway Surfers?

Mathias Gredel Norvig, the current CEO of SYBO Games is the lead designer of the game. In 2012, Mathias came up with the idea and discussed it among the other creators and partners of the game.

When the idea was finalised, the development of the game began immediately and a full-fledged release because available on 23rd May 2012. The game’s download numbers on multiple platforms skyrocketed and gradually the devs started working on multiple editions of the game.

In 2018, Mathias Gredel Norvig attended the Pocket Gamer Connects event in London, where he talked about the journey of making Subway Surfers. Take a look at the video below to learn more about the story of Subway Surfers.

The fake story that surfaced on Twitter regarding Subway Surfers

A random Twitter user tweeted about the game saying that Subway Surfers was made by the creator in memory of his deceased son. The tweet also stated that his son lost his life due to an accident on the rail tracks while skating.

The tweet went viral within a short space of time and later it was announced by the creator and the game company that it was fake and the Twitter user took down the tweet. Nodwig made clear that the game was his own idea and was made in partnership with Kiloo.

He also added that “We created Subway Surfers to honour the culture and diversity of the streets. We feel that the game allows for creativity and fun in a safe and fun environment. Thanks for running with us!”

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