Superman, Rick And Morty Headline Fortnite’s New Battle Pass

A new Fortnite season is here, bringing map changes, UFOs you can fly (or, if you’re me, accidentally plunge to your death from), and a reworked battle pass full of original characters and crossovers. There are a couple high profile ones, including Rick from TV show Rick and Morty and an upcoming Superman skin.

According to the battle pass screen, Superman won’t be available until 65 days from the start of the season, or August 12. You can see all the details of him now, though: there’s a Clark Kent skin, a Daily Planet back bling, and a Superman spray and emote. Through completing quests in-game, you’ll be able to unlock a style that transforms Clark Kent into Superman.

The Rick and Morty skin is available now, though you’ll need to level up pretty far through the battle pass to get it. It features a 2D Rick, a harvesting tool of Morty shaped like a very upset hammer, a butter robot back bling, a load screen, and a UFO glider, along with a colorful gun wrap, a spray, a load screen, and a vaguely unsettling emote called the “Rick dance.”

Unlocking all this stuff works a little differently than in previous seasons, due to some changes to the battle pass. In recent Fortnite seasons, you would automatically get a level’s rewards as you levelled up through the pass. Now, leveling up grants you battle stars, which you might remember from past seasons when you needed a certain number of them to unlock the next pass tier. For season 7, you spend your stars to choose rewards on a certain page of the battle pass, with different items costing different numbers of stars. To unlock items on subsequent pages, you need to have either purchased a certain number of items on the previous page or reached a certain level of the battle pass. Rick can be unlocked by reaching level 90 or by spending on your stars on 90 other items.

I like the choice of the new system, as well as the flexibility of unlocking new pages either by buying previous items or by levelling up. It will be nice not to have a ton of items I have no intention of equipping cluttering up my inventory.

There are other changes for Season 7 too, including a new alien landscape where the Spire used to be, due to some story stuff Epic released anticlimactically in a trailer rather than through an in-game event. There are UFOs you can fly, which have tractor beams that can lift up your teammates. There’s also a new crafting item, nuts and bolts, that you can use to make weapons that have been vaulted in previous seasons. And there’s a customizable alien skin, which looks like it has lots of flexibility.

Hot tip: loot llamas work differently now. Instead of standing still, they run around the map making noise and dropping items. This scared the ever-loving shit out of me this morning, so be warned.


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