The 2D Fighter Blazing Strike WIll Debut in 2023

A game that didn’t make it on Kickstarter is getting a second chance. Aksys announced it is working with RareBreed Makes Games on Blazing Strike. It said the 2D fighter will come to consoles and the PC in 2023. If the original Kickstarter platforms are still valid, that means we’ll see Blazing Strike on both the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 as well as PC.

Mark Chung, RareBreed Makes Games founder and only member of the team, first launched the Blazing Strike Kickstarter in August 2019. It sought $70,000 to make the fighter, but fell short of the goal. Chung then canceled the project.

Blazing Strike is a 2D fighter inspired by games from developers like Capcom and SNK. There will be Story, Arcade, and VS mode. It will also allow people to play online with GGPO. Persona AI online matches will be available too. 10 characters appeared during its Kickstarter phase. At the time, the cast included Alexander, Graffi, Hana Yorusaki, Jake, Lei Long, Mateo, MJ, Pink Samurai, Ryohei, and Shinsuke. It has a four-button system and Rush Trigger system to allow for temporarily faster than usual actions.

Here’s an example of its gameplay.

Blazing Strike will appear on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC in 2023.


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