The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles E3 Trailer Focuses on Deduction

More information regarding The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles appeared during the Capcom E3 2024 presentation. This included the release of a new trailer, which featured English voice acting, and a short gameplay segment. During the segment, players were introduced to various systems that they will be utilizing in The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles. This includes a “scale” system and the classic “Objection” feature that was available in previous entries.

The The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles trailer itself focuses on introducing the city in which the newest game in the series takes place in this time. Additionally, this trailer features English voice acting.

You can watch the latest The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles E3 trailer below.

Herlock Sholmes is present in the trailer, alongside the protagonist of this entry Ryunosuke Naruhodo. Additionally, viewers are given a brief look at one of the major antagonists in this title, Barok van Zieks.

You can watch the full five minute gameplay segment below.

As mentioned previously, this gameplay trailer focuses on the various methods of deduction that will be at your disposal. Additionally, players are given a look at some of the figures they will meet during this new installment in the Ace Attorney series.

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles will appear on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC on July 27, 2024.


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