This new GTA 5 Godzilla mod lets you rampage with atomic breath •

A new Grand Theft Auto 5 mod lets players transform into Godzilla and rampage across San Andreas.

Eight years on from its release the action-adventure game developed by Rockstar Games is still extremely popular, especially because of the constant remastering of GTA 5.

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JulioNIB, a notorious modder who has created many popular mods in the past is in the process of making the Ultimate Godzilla mod.

A preview of the mod was posted on the TK Rebirth YouTube channel showcasing the beast in action.

Unlike the many other Godzilla mods created, this one includes Godzilla’s signature atomic breath from the films and is complete with audio and visuals when the creature is charging up.

What is even more impressive with this upcoming mod is the scale of the creature. Playing as Godzilla, you are towering over streets and buildings to the point where civilians look ant-sized.

Although you can’t destroy and demolish buildings, you can still obliterate vehicles and use the atomic breath to strike down planes and police helicopters and just create havoc in the middle of Los Santos.

The mod is still in early development, so it will be interesting to see what other features JulioNIB plans to add before the release.

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