Twitch warns of more music industry DMCA claims

Video service tells streamers it recently received 1,000 copyright claims from publishers, says more are likely on the way

Twitch last week warned streamers that the recording industry is once again stepping up the number of DMCA claims it makes on the service, as reported by Kotaku.

“We recently received a batch of DMCA takedown notifications with about 1,000 individual claims from music publishers,” the service said in an email to streamers.

It noted that the claims are all for archived video-on-demand content and mostly involve streamers listening to background music.

“Based on the number of claims, we believe these rights holders used automated tools to scan and identify copyrighted music in creators’ VODs and clips, which means that they will likely send further notices.”

While Twitch first started receiving waves of DMCA takedowns from record labels a year ago, it said this is the “first such contact” from the adjacent music publishing industry.

“We are disappointed they decided to send takedowns when we are willing and ready to speak to them about solutions,” Twitch said.

Twitch has been talking with record labels about solutions since at least last November. The platform’s email about the latest DMCA strikes specified that it continues to talk with labels “about solutions that could work for creators as well as rights holders.”

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