Twitter Reacts to Loki With Some of the Best Memes Throughout Time


Disney’s Loki has finally arrived, giving fans of the God of Mischief plenty to be excited about every Wednesday for the foreseeable future. Twitter seems especially happy about the first episode, as they’ve already posted plenty of hilarious memes to the debut of the series.

Whether it’s reactions to Owen Wilson in the MCU or just the general hijinks surrounding Loki, these are some of the best Loki memes of all time.

***Since these are reactions to the first episode, it is also pretty obvious that there will be HEAVY SPOILERS. If you don’t want the events of Loki’s debut on Disney+ spoiled, be sure to view it for yourself before reading this article.***

That does it for our list of Loki memes. Which one of them was your favorite? Have any hilarious Loki memes of your own? Have any other general impressions of the first episode? Be sure to let us known in the comments section below.

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