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VALORANT is one of the latest releases from Riot Games, making a first appearance exactly one year ago (or in other words, on June 2nd, 2024). The game took the first-person shooter scene by storm, immediately appealing to a huge number of gamers. Many players who have, until that point, mostly played Call of Duty, Counter Strike or PUBG immediately felt drawn to the cyber-futuristic and colourful game – and rightfully so.

A game where skill matters more than cheats, and choosing the right Agent depending on the circumstances really has an impact on the game, made VALORANT a massive hit. Of course, since it’s Riot Games we’re talking about, we were bound to get another big title.

However, you’re not here to learn about that. Since you found yourself on this page, you want to learn everything there is to know about VALORANT Mobile since it was just announced yesterday. With that in mind, let’s dive right in.

VALORANT Mobile gameplay

What is Valorant Mobile?

Like we mentioned in the intro, VALORANT Mobile is the mobile version of VALORANT – a first-person tactical shooter for PC. The PC version of the game was released one year ago, seeing massive success. As excitement grows for the mobile version, many players are also exploring boosting for VALORANT to enhance their skills in anticipation of the new platform.

In fact, VALORANT Mobile was something that the developers started as a question. To quote Anna Donlon, the executive producer for VALORANT, “We didn’t start out with ‘We’re making Valorant on mobile,’ we started out with ‘Can we make Valorant on mobile?’ with a lot of skepticism,“.

The take

VALORANT Mobile will be a game that’s going to bring the genuine VALORANT PC experience to handheld devices. It will not be a port of its PC version, but a new build that is completely adjusted and cleverly created for mobile. It should deliver on the expectations for all mobile players, and not compromise on quality for a timely game release.

So, is Valorant Mobile confirmed?

That is exactly what it means. VALORANT Mobile has been confirmed!

How to download Valorant Mobile?

At the moment there is no way to download the game. You might find some third-party websites claiming to have early builds of the game or APKs, but we strongly suggest you stay away from them (if you care about your personal data).

I repeat – there is no way to download VALORANT Mobile at the moment, not even an APK. Chances are, there will not be any build of the game for at least another year. We’ll keep you up-to-speed though, and if there is any other information that we learn, you’ll be the first to know!

Is there Valorant Mobile without verification?

This point goes hand in hand with what I just mentioned above. There are some VALORANT Mobile APKs, but they will ask for verification. To verify that, you’ll actually need to pay (real-life money). DON’T DO IT! 

There is no VALORANT Mobile without verification. Those apps are probably a scam, and you should not install them if you care at all about protecting your data.

However, there is a VALORANT Mobile pre-registration

There is another option if you want to learn when VALORANT Mobile will become available. On TapTap you can pre-register for the game. That means you’ll have to make an account on the website, and as soon as it becomes available, you’ll hear about it.

Will Valorant Mobile be cross-platform?

The answer to this should be pretty obvious – no. Just like Riot did with League of Legends and Wild Rift, games, where high skill and intense mechanics are involved, cannot be played to their utmost extent via cross-platform.

What we will see, instead, will be something along the lines of Wild Rift. A standalone game that is well-made and specifically adapted to mobile, without losing any of its key elements (those elements that define what the game actually is). So, chances are we will get to see a VALORANT that will feature (probably) mechanics that won’t be extremely difficult to execute, and if they will (like Sova’s kit), they will probably have some quick-cast option. We’ll have to wait and see!

Is it going to be on iOS devices?

Yes, VALORANT Mobile will be available for iPhones and iPads, so rest assured – the game will become available for both Android and iOS users whenever it will launch globally. That has been the case with Teamfight Tactics, Legends of Runeterra, Wild Rift, and since VALORANT Mobile is another Riot Games creation, there’s like a 95% chance it will be on iOS too.

Valorant Mobile release date

At the moment, there is no set release date. The game is still under development, and there is a high chance there will be at least another full year until we will get VALORANT Mobile. Our best guess would be that VALORANT Mobile will release in about 2 years’ time.

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