Valorant Patch 2.11 Notes Reveal Framerate Improvement & Bug Fixes


It’s patch day for Valorant, but don’t get too excited if you’re hoping for big changes as today’s Patch 2.11 notes aren’t particularly substantial, and they don’t include the rumored changes to weapon pricing we reported yesterday. Although, there is a welcome improvement to the client framerate, albeit a very minor one, which will come as a pleasant surprise to those using low-spec machines.

Below you can find the full Valorant Patch 2.11 notes:

Competitive Updates

● Added a Leaderboard search bar to help you find players by name

Mode Updates

● Replication is back as part of our modes rotation and will replace Escalation for now

Performance Updates

Game System Updates

● Fixed fonts for various regional languages to improve readability
● Updated ping wheel and radio wheel to ignore non-movement inputs while the wheel is
● Fixed an animation issue with abnormal hand positions while equipping weapons



● Fixed an issue where Reyna couldn’t sell then rebuy Dismiss ability during Buy Phase


● Fixed a bug that was causing an infinite load symbol while viewing a friend’s career.
● Fixed several Leaderboard UI bugs.

For more on Valorant, check out some recent comments from the game’s narrative design team about the possibility of more lore content moving forward.


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